Video of 9.77 Dollar Hotel Room on Koh Phangan Beach - Beach Trips From Bangkok Bangkok Thailand

Beach Trips From Bangkok Thailand - This is a video of the room I am in at the Black and White Hotel on Sunset Beach near Had Rin, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

I am showing this video to prove to readers you can rent a great 10 dollar a night Hotel room on a beach in Thailand.

I arrived at Koh Phangan Beach and took a small truck called a "Song Tao" to Had Rin, Sunset Beach. I came here the first time 10 years ago. Maybe it was June 24, 2002: Full Moon Party 2002

In 2002, I stayed in the same Hotel called the Black and White, in a small wooden bungalow, about the same beach hut as depicted in the movie "The Beach," with Leonardo Dicaprio. I believe I paid 100-150 Baht then, and now I rented a 10 times better Hotel room bugalow for 300 Baht. Gif the daughter says the Bungalow is 600 Baht during full moon party time.

This is not the same beach, it is not the same experience, truly a traveler needs to continuously search for "The Beach." 

 Koh Phangan Hotel

I am hanging out here at Sunset Beach (Had Rin - Koh Pha Ngan), maybe soon I will rent a motorcycle for 150 Baht and drive around the island. I need to carve out a new paradise, because paradise is always fleeting.

I am not positive yet, but I think some big storms in Thailand have almost destroyed Had Rin beach. It appears that all the great sand for volleyball, frisbee has been washed out into the ocean. 10 years ago, this was one of the best sunbather beaches on the planet, (Girl Watching) but it is now a has been has-been sun beach, it more or less has turned into a "Beach Resort" Island area.

Beach Resorts are self-contained, they could be anywhere on the planet, they have swimming pools, nice rooms, etc. I believe you need to choose one in an area that is fun for walking around...outside the resort.

I am going to walk down to Had Rin this morning around 10:00 am, and see if the tide went out far enough to give me back my beach, I think not.

Nonetheless, I am on my way to Ghana, Africa, and my life has changed, I am looking for new travel worlds. In many ways, I think Africa is like South American was 10-15 years ago, Africa is still undiscovered in many ways, the people are still happy to have me visit.

What has change greatly in the world of tourism is this, the Internet now allows a Resort to be located anywhere, they can super hype the resort, game TripAdvisor, and make a nothing into a something.

Paradise is always cheap, almost free.

Thank you, "Life is Good."

Andy Graham
14 years of perpetual travel, 90 countries.
November 2012
Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand
Had Rin (Sunset Beach) 

Photos Video of 9.77 Dollar Hotel Room on Koh Phangan Beach - Beach Trips From Bangkok Bangkok Thailand

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